Surpass exceptations with high performance textile and non-woven hot melt lamination and bonding solutions. Laminated materials provide functionality that no single material can provide. Which explains in part why there is an ongoing trend towards more laminated textiles and non-woven materials.

Their use in diverse applications such as in apparel, sportswear, contract and work wear, hygiene clothing, cleaning sponges, abrasives, polishing pads and more, is because they can provide functions such as breathability, waterproofness, protection, durability and strength.

At the same time textile and consumables lamination manufacturers require increasingly more efficient production. It requires some know-how and some expertise to select the optimal solutions, which is why Sika, in addition to a wide product range, offers specialist technical service people and prototyping equipment to support you.

Braving the Elements

Combining textile functionality is achieved with multiple layers that each provides its own feature such as breathability, waterproof and soft touch, thereby allowing the wearer to remain dry, warm and comfortable in harsher weather conditions. The correct adhesive and application technology is key to the success of the laminated textile and here Sika can help you.

Climber with Jacket

When Performance Matters

Contract and work wear clothing for demanding occupations requires ultimate performance. Firefighters, police, industry and construction workers all have special needs for their protective clothing, such as fire or heat resistance, durability, waterproof and more. Sika HMPUR adhesives are formulated to meet the needs.

A sitting fireman wearing technical textile bonded with SikaMelt

A tough Time

It may be that consumable products have a limited lifespan, but they have to be both physically and chemically robust during their working life. Abrasives, polishing pads and scourer pads are all bonded materials that, with Sika adhesives, comfortably withstand those tough conditions.

Man using abrasive tool

Time is Money

Multi-functional textile and consumable producers manufacture laminates. They need to produce as efficiently as possible, so that the value chain remains strong. Sika’s adhesives are designed to fulfil that need with fast processing adhesives which have excellent production machine running properties.

Man using inhouse testing equipment to produce technical textile