Who are Roof Assured by Sika?

We are Roof Assured by Sika, proud to be part of a Swiss multinational company whose roofing membranes are used on homes around the world, Sika Ltd. However, we never lose sight of the fact that Roof Assured by Sika is here for UK homeowners. While our customers benefit from our global brand credentials, we will always ensure that our services are delivered in a personal way. Are you planning to embark on your very own self-build or renovation journey? We understand that these projects are often the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition towards creating an individual, unique home of your own. That is why the quality, performance and aesthetics of the roof are so important.

  • While performance is key, we also know that looks are important. The aesthetic appeal of the Sika RoofPro product range that we provide is popular with homeowners working on contemporary self-build, renovation projects or even a garage roof.
  • Our flat roofing products are proving to be a real game-changer. Easy and quick to install, they are cheaper than metals such as zinc and lead, are high performance and great to look at.
  • With all Roof Assured by Sika installations, every project is managed by a trained installer, which operates across the UK via a distributor network, and depending on the product specification used, you will be given a product guarantee of up to 20 years.


Find your new roof with us. Premium, durable, flat roofing products for your home.