Are you a homeowner looking for a roofing solution? Choose Roof Assured by Sika.

Our aim is to give you a new roof that will last, will look good, and you won’t have to constantly be worrying about. Keeping you warm and dry on the inside and protecting your home from the outside, whatever the British weather throws at it. 

Finding a good, trustworthy roof installer is critical. Our certified installers have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. hether it’s a replacement garage roof or a large self-build project, they all have the technical expertise, the best products and the help of their local roofing specialist stockist to provide you with new roof to our high standards.

The Sika roofing membranes protect homes and businesses all over the world. The company is constantly investing in product research and development, so you can rest assured your roofing membrane will be at the top of technological advancements in roofing membranes. This means that whatever your flat roofing need, large or small, you can be confident that we will provide you with a high performance, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance roof, that is backed by guarantees and expert installation

Roof Assured Single Ply home

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