Cooling tower strengthening

External Strengthening by Plate or Fabric Bonding

Structural strengthening by bonding of external plates is carried out in accordance with the relevant national design codes and EN 1504-4. The exposed surfaces of the concrete to receive the externally bonded reinforcement should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Any weak, damaged or deteriorated concrete must be removed and repaired, to comply with EN 1504 Part 10 Section 7.2.4 and Section 8.

Uni or bi-Directional fabrics, based on glass or carbon fibre

SikaWrap® - Structural strengthening using carbon fibre fabrics.

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer based plate system

Sika® CarboDur® - Structural strengthening using carbon fibre plates and rods.

Anchoring of additional or replacement steel reinforcement in the concrete

The selection of the appropriate size and configuration of such reinforcement and the locations where it is to be fixed or anchored, must always be determined by the structural engineer. The fixing points or anchorages into the concrete should then be designed, produced and installed in accordance with EN 1504 Part 6 and all of the relevant EuropeanTechnical Approvals (ETA).