SikaBiresin® CR122

(former Biresin® CR122)

  • Medium viscosity epoxy resin system
  • Suitable for the production of high performance fibre reinforced composites
  • Thermal performance up to 120 °C

  • Excellent impregnation and good non draining properties due to optimized mixed viscosity
  • Biresin® CR122 (A) with hardeners (B) Biresin® CH122-3 and CH122-5 are German Lloyd approved, certificate no. WP 1620018 HH
  • Glass transition temperatures of up to 120 °C are achievable depending on curing conditions
  • Biresin® CR122 (A) with hardeners (B) Biresin® CH122-3, CH122-5 and CH122-9 are approved by Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Aeronautics Federal Office) as resin system for GRP, CRP and ARP parts for gliders and power gliders
  • 3 hardeners with a uniform mixing ratio of 100:30 gives a range of processing times and processing flexibility
  • The reactivity can be adapted by mixing the hardeners
  • Demoulding is possible after RT curing when using the three fastest curing agents Biresin® CH122-1, CH122-3 (B) and CH122-5 (B)
  • Hardener (B) Biresin® CH122-9 allows for a very long potlife but is only available in blue