Prior to applying pre-treatment, Sika® Cleaner G+P can be used to remove traditional forms of contaminants such as dirt, dust and skin oils. However, there have been increased occurrences of uncommon contaminants on windshields that can adversely affect adhesion.
Some examples of these include:

Some contaminants only become evident with additional tests. To verify the presence of contaminants, the auto glass technician should be trained to inspect the bond areas of each part for inconsistent areas of surface tension. The technician should observe whether the glass cleaner migrates or changes appearance along any contaminated areas.

Recommended Treatment for Contamination

Once contamination is discovered, the following universal treatment procedure should be followed:

Removing corrosion
  • Start cleaning with a fresh unit of Sika® Cleaner PCA.
  • Removal can be detected with improved wetting behavior of the glass cleaner.
  • Dry with paper towel and proceed with recommended pre-treatment steps.
  • To remove heavy contamination Sika® Cleaner PCA can be used dry to increase the effectiveness.
Removing corrosion
  • Wet the surface. Do not overuse Sika® Cleaner G+P as it reduces the effectiveness.
  • Check for contamination.