SikaGard®-6250 is a white colored, aromat-free, durable wax with excellent rust-proofing properties. It is suitable for an effective protec-tion against corrosion in vehicle body cavities and convinces with its outstanding application proper-ties and excellent final perfor-mance. SikaGard®-6250 shows self-healing capabilities and is extremely heat resistant. After drying, a white, slightly sticky wax coating remains that protects cavity areas from corrosion. SikaGard®-6250 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system.

  • Excellent road salt resistance
  • Very good film building property
  • Outstanding water displacing
  • Very good low temperature be-havior
  • Extremely high heat resistance
  • Aromat-free
  • No hazing and dripping during application
  • Permanently elastic
  • Self-healing properties