Pre Powder Coat Bonding

SikaPower® - two-component epoxy adhesives for bonding before paint

Joining parts before a paint process will give the added benefit of less components going through a paint line, thus optimising the process.

Traditional methods of joining may require additional surface treatment to bring A-Surfaces back to a good quality finish.  For example, after welding, many hours of additional grinding and refinishing are often seen.                                                     

The use of SikaPower® epoxy adhesive means that parts can be joined before a powder coat process with limited preparation. Once joined, not only will the heat process accelerate the curing process for the adhesive, but in some instances may improve its mechanical properties. You will see a notable improvement in line efficiency because you will no longer require refinishing after joining, which also frees up the in-demand welding resource, which can also help optimise throughput in other areas too.

SikaPower® SmartCore technology will give you improved crash resistance and higher impact peel resistance leading to better performance and durability in many application fields. 

For further information on pre powder coat bonding, or any other structural bonding application, please get in touch.

Featured Product

SikaPower®-1277 can be used prior to pant process due to high temperature resistance.