Sika is bringing a revolutionary new polyurethane technology to the UK sealants and adhesives market with Purform® - a sustainable and high-performance alternative to traditional polyurethane that is clean, durable and reliable.

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Purform® has been developed by Sika chemists to meet future environmental and health regulations and is both EU REACH and UK REACH compliant which means users will not need to undertake specific training in the future. Purform® technology allows users to benefit from the unique performance attributes of polyurethane at the lowest exposure and the highest level of work safety. 
The first UK products to benefit from the ultra-low VOC and low monomer content Purform® offers are Sikaflex Pro-3 sealant and Sikaflex 11FC sealant and adhesive. 

And as well as its enhanced sustainability credentials, Purform® delivers the exceptional product application and performance properties which Sika customers rely on. Offering the strength, flexibility and durability of traditional polyurethane including creep resistance, tear resistance and bubble free curing, Purform® also cures faster (even at lower temperatures) and lasts longer. It has been extensively tested to ensure it meets key industry standards on attributes such as chemical resistance, weatherability and movement as well as sustainability. 

"We’re really excited about the launch of Purform technology which allows us to future-proof our product range. It will pave the way for our team to develop new more sustainable products in the future and create entirely new solutions which address new needs such as less surface preparation, stress cracking free bonding of plastics, or best compatibility with sensitive natural stone. It’s an exciting time for the sealant and adhesive market and we’re proud to be playing our part. "
" Purform is part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact by making changes to the way we manufacture and distribute our products. As one of the largest producers of polyurethane sealants and adhesives for global construction and industrial applications, we’re in a position to make a real difference to the environment we all live in. " Ian Williams, Head of Sales Sealing and Bonding