Key Benefits of SikaForce® Powerflex adhesives:

  • Excellent load transfer due to high mechanical strength
  • Enhanced elastic behaviour even at low temperatures to avoid cracking
  • Keeps high-level stiffness of bonded components at high temperatures
  • Excellent capability to compensate for different thermal expansion rates of lightweight substrates
  • Designed to bond coated metals (e.g. e-coat, powder coat etc.) and composites

Powercure Car Assembly

Sika is your Innovative Partner for PUR-Adhesives with Powerflex Technology for structural elastic joints to overcome all temperature challenges in a durable bond. SikaForce® PUR adhesives are high-strength structural adhesives with unique elasticity even at low temperatures.Powerflex is a unique adhesive technology combining advantages of both structural- and elastic adhesives. Powerflex makes the new generation SikaForce® adhesives an effective solution for bonding and assembling lightweight vehicles, fibreglass boats, metal fabrications and virtually any application requiring a strong, reliable bond.The Powerflex technology provides the highest levels of strength combined with lasting elasticity even at low temperatures. With the unique performance characteristics, SikaForce® Powerflex adhesives outperform the state-of-the-art 2C structural adhesives designed to bond lightweight materials. They are designed to create long-lasting bonds throughout the service life of bonded components no matter what climate conditions they face. The Powerflex Technology represents a new generation of SikaForce® structural adhesives, making them the ideal solution for new design concepts resulting in highly structural lightweight components.

"Sika - your innovative partner for structural elastic Powerflex technology for an optimal load transfer of structural components. "

Sika’s unique Structural Elastic Powerflex Adhesives

New design concepts require different ways of thinking when assessing adhesive performance for bonding of lightweight structures mostly involving composites and/or metal structures. While high structural strength is a key requirement for an optimal load transfer, most structural adhesives available in the market do not meet elastic requirements to either compensate for different thermal expansion rates of mixed-material bonding or withstand high impacts or torsion even at very low temperatures.

SikaForce® Powerflex adhesives provide very stable mechanical performance throughout the service temperature range, making them safe for use in any climate condition. They provide a higher rate of stiffness at elevated temperatures (up to 100°C) whilst keeping a significant elasticity rate down to -40°C. This combination is truly unique and represents a paradigm shift.  

Key Features of SikaForce® Powerflex adhesives

  • Combines the high strength of structural- with the flexibility of elastic adhesives
  • Keeps flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Provides stable mechanical strength over service temperature
  • High energy absorption capacity
  • No smell compared to other technologies

Two-component polyurethane adhesives with 'snap-cure' features for increased through-put

With Sika's wide range of structural bonding products and solutions, we are sure we will be able to support you with your project.  Whether you have the desire to replace traditional fixing methods, or you are curious to find an alternative adhesive solution - we can help!

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