Façades are the most important part of a building. They can considerably affect the lighting, heating and ventilation and as a result they can account for up to 35% of a building’s overall build costs.

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However, the performance, durability and appearance of façades are dependent on appropriate weather sealing and bonding. Why? They’re subject to extreme movements due to temperature changes, moisture, shrinkage of construction materials, as well as sound, wind and vibrations; which affect the joints and adjacent elements.

With over 40 years of experience in sealing façades, it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing and rest assured, we’re very good at it!


  • More than 1 million window frames are sealed with Sika products every year.
  • Over 50 million m2 of windows and façades have been produced using our adhesives and sealants over the last 10 years.
  • 15 million cars are made safer and stronger with Sika adhesives every year.

What is a Facade?

A façade is the principal front of a building. It is the exterior side of a structure that is public facing and therefore it is usually finished in a decorative way.

Deriving from the French language, meaning ‘frontage’ or ‘face’, façades play an important role in building performance and is an integral architectural element.  

Sika facades on commercial building

Why are Facades so crucial?

First impressions count.

Before a customer or client has even entered your business premises, they will have formed their own feelings, positive or negative, about your company and its practices based on the appearance of your building.

Large attractive, professional buildings connote that your business takes pride in its appearance; that aesthetics matter and the work you produce is to a high, reliable standard.

Buildings that are poorly maintained, have damaged exteriors and need repair work significantly impact business performance and staff morale, not to mention the building’s impact on the environment.

But not only is the façade an elegant component that helps to define the look of a building, it also has a critical role in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable footprint.

SikaTack panel application on a building facade

How are facades eco-friendly?

Like many other businesses in the UK, Sika operates with a strong focus on the environment.

Façades are much more than just covering up unsightly lumps and bumps. A well-designed façade can contribute to sustainable construction by:

  • Increasing the lifespan of a structure
  • Bring about lower environment impact in the future
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Provide better airflow.


Sustainability is a key component of the company's innovation drive. For buildings as well as for industrial applications, Sika aims to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency...

  • Sealants and membranes ensure a tight building envelope and reduce air leakage, thus the energy demand for cooling/ heating and the co2 emissions minimised.
  • GEV-EMICODE classification- promote consumer occupational and environmental protection in the field of chemical construction materials and adhesives.
  • BREEAM (Building Research Establishments Environmental Assessment Methodology)- low environmental impact and are responsibly sourced.
So how can Sika help?

Sika offers an extensive range of sealing and bonding solutions for structural glazing, panel bonding, membrane systems for window installations, balustrade bonding, weather sealing and more.

Our complete one stop shop service includes everything you could possibly need:

  • Site visits
  • Design assistance
  • Structural calculations
  • Standard details
  • Registered Contractor Schemes
  • Comprehensive training (in-house or on-site)
  • Technical services
  • UK based adhesion compatibility testing
  • Colour samples

Whether you’re looking for curtain walling, rainscreen cladding, fire rated sealant or glass silicone and more, we can help.

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