Sika has the complete product range available for silicone insulated glass sealants, even in grey colour. Insulated Glass solutions are suitable for gas retention for more than 30 years.

Best UV Resistance for Sikasil® IG Silicones

Sika offers Sikasil® IG silicone sealants for the secondary edge seals of insulated glazing units.

These sealants are characterized not only by special tooling and bonding characteristics but also by unparalleled UV stability.

Only silicones are approved as secondary seals in structural glazing facades. Sikasil® IG silicone sealants were specifically developed to meet the requirements of insulated glazing and feature special advantages.

  • Meeting relevant industry standards such as ASTM, EOTA ETAG, CSTB and GB
  • Structural capabilities with a very high design factor for slim edge sealing
  • Outstanding processing properties  

Insulated Glass, including Thermal Insulation

The facades are mainly responsible for the energy balance of a building. The excellent thermal insulating effect of bonded double or triple-glazed units with coated glass can save much of the energy otherwise consumed for heating or cooling.

The air or noble gas trapped between the bonded panes is a poor heat conductor, forming an excellent insulating layer between the outdoor and indoor air. Sealing the insulated glass units requires high-quality products and uniformly high-quality workmanship. 

Facade glass St Pauls

Best Recommended Sika Products for Insulated Glass

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