Fewer Quality Issues - Outstanding Customer Experience

Providing an excellent customer experience is an essential factor for winning customers in the automotive glass industry. Innovations like mobile service, windscreen repair, fast service, and simple insurance claim handling are vital for the success of the automotive glass industry.

Adhesive technology enables the reach of minimum safety standards quickly. However, since curing depends on air moisture, it can take up to a week until the adhesive stiffens and reinforces the vehicle to its original level.

Typical quality issues are related to the reduced car body stiffness. SikaTack® ELITE is different; learn how it can help your automotive glass business reduce comeback costs and increase the overall customer experience.

Here are Three Examples to Show the Advantage of Powercure and How To Get Started

Safety Matters


When a windscreen gets replaced, a component critical to the occupants’ safety, the vehicle's integrity is affected. These days, the windscreen is structurally bonded to the vehicle body, increasing cabin stiffness and crash safety. The use of the wrong product and improper workmanship has resulted in fatal accidents. Sika strives to provide best-in-class innovative solutions and technician training to ensure the vehicle's integrity and its occupants' safety.  This has been one of the driving forces making Sika the leading brand for windscreen adhesives globally.

Car Durability

Windscreen and adhesive prevent you from ejection

The airbag can function as designed
Car Airbag


The windscreen serves as a backboard for the airbag


Prevents roof from crushing
Car Accident

Windscreen, as a member of the car body, prevents the roof crush  

Cure to OEM Level – Only with SikaTack® ELITE

Today, cars can be driven just 30 minutes after installing of a new windscreen. Automotive Glass Adhesives typically meet the FMVSS 212 crash test standard, which defines the vehicle's minimum requirements to be safely driven following an installation.

However, standard single component adhesives may need up to 7 days until they reach the original vehicle conditions. During this time, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle is compromised.

Why does this matter?
  • The windscreen strengthens and reinforces modern vehicles (but only if the adhesive is cured). 
  • Many quality issues in automotive glass are linked to insufficient torsional stiffness (customers may have to deal with trims that get loose, matters related to ADAS sensors, and noise). 
  • Many automobile manufacturers require the vehicle to return to its original conditions before it is released for operation. 
  • Volvo, VW, and others require the use of chemical cure (2-component) adhesives or a significantly longer waiting time than 30 minutes. 
  • The main area of concern of the automobile manufacturers is the torsional stiffness of the vehicle 
  • The cabin may collapse in a rollover accident
Sixty minute cured to oem level logo

SikaTack® ELITE for PowerCure is different!

Sika's PowerCure technology achieves the torsional stiffness performance required by Automotive OEMs within 60 minutes; it basically allows a shorter waiting time without compromising safety and quality. At Sika, we call reaching this performance "Cured to OEM Level".

SikaTack® ELITE Helps you to Keep a Lasting Good Impression with your Customer, even if Something Goes Wrong

In automotive glass replacement, up to 3% of the windscreen installations result in a comeback from the customer due to workmanship and quality issues. A windscreen installed with SikaTack® ELITE lets you deal with such matters more professionally, leaving a good impression on your customer.

Glass installed with 1C adhesive Glass installed with SikaTack® ELITE*
Risk of soiling the car interior if cut out within the first 3-7 days No risk! It can be cut out 60 min after installation since its already cured
The customer may have to drive for a week prior to the issue can be fixed It can be fixed almost immediately after detecting the issue, resulting in less hassle for the customer

*if glass is available or can be refitted

Common reasons for customer comebacks:
  • Water leaks
  • Wrongly placed or displaced windscreens
  • Wrong glass installed (e.g., colour, non-OE glass, missing logo, brackets, sensors)
  • Issues related to sensors (ADAS, rain sensors)
  • Headup displays with a distorted view
  • Trims that shift, get loose, quality of trims
  • Customer detects issues near the windscreen (distance, scratches)
  • Heater screen (front and back) that does not work
  • Leave marks on paint due to tape holding screen in place

Stiff as New in just 60 minutes

Sika tested the development of body stiffness on a vehicle with the Dynamic Test Center in Switzerland. The test setup measured the vehicle body deformation at the maximum axle deformation. 60 minutes after the installation, the vehicle was back to the original vehicle stiffness.

Torsional Stiffness with SikaTack® Elite is Back to its Original Level within just 60 Minutes
Vergleich Stiffness with SikaTrack without Windshield
Vergleich Stiffness with SikaTrack with Windshield
Rigidity of Car Body with Wheels Fixed

Modern Vehicle Design


Over the years, the way a windscreen is fitted to the vehicle body has changed from rubber trims to bonded windscreens. Since the 1980s, the windscreen has been bonded using high-performance polyurethane adhesives. Over time, the requirements for adhesive have advanced, too. These days, the windscreen is structurally connected to the vehicle body, increasing cabin stiffness and crash safety. Modern vehicles take reinforcement effects of windscreens and other components into account so that engineers can reduce metal thickness or utilise different lower-weight materials. Weight reductions help reducing fuel consumption, increasing vehicle range, and achieving higher passenger comfort.


Modern Vehicle Designs