The use of multilayer interior and exterior building panels is rapidly expanding with the growing trend towards modular construction techniques. Ceilings, partitions, decorative panels and more can all be laminated in a cost effective and efficient production that meets performance requirements such as sound insulation, high durability, and attractive design with Sika adhesive systems.

Adhesive Solutions for Laminating Building and Composite Panels

Composite panels for interior and exterior applications are widely used in the construction industry, including ceilings, partitions, raised floors, interior laminates, and other building structures. They place high demands on quality, durability, and aesthetics. At the same time, their production process requires high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In addition, composite panels can be functionalized to meet your performance requirements, such as thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection and more.  

To this end, at Sika, we offer a comprehensive range of polyurethane adhesive solutions to help you accomplish your product and manufacturing goals. Our adhesive solutions comprise of SikaForce® 1- and 2-component and SikaMelt® reactive hot melt adhesive technologies.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we at Sika can help you meet your most urgent product and production needs. 

At Sika, we help you make the best product you can – starting from the concept through production.

Interiors of an Apartment
Optimise your production process with Sika’s adhesive solutions
Sika adhesives enable excellent panel quality

Benefits offered to your Interior and Exterior Sandwich Panel Production:

Sika’s adhesive systems are designed to enhance your panel performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency. The following benefits can be realized with Sika solutions:

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way. 

HIGH DURABILITY – Excellent durability over time can be relied upon due to the cross-linking of the cured adhesive  

EXCELLENT QUALITY – We have adhesive technologies that enable you to achieve excellent panel flatness with no orange peel effect. 

INCREASED OUTPUT – Our adhesive solutions allow for a more versatile and faster production including adaptable process times for shorter cycle times. 

Panel Laminaton

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