Introducing our Facade Webinars

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Bonding Excellence Webinar

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This webinar introduces the ‘Bonding Excellence’ digital platform, a construction tool that offers full project traceability for designers and applicators alike.

Structural and Insulated Glazing is a complex technology that requires not only finite design, but also consistency during the application process.

Adhesion testing, joint calculations and manufacturing technical support requests are just some of the crucial areas for focus, and this webinar will show you how to collate the required information on our digital platform that offers full support and project traceability. 

Some of the other considerations within this presentation are:      

  • Project workflows  
  • Specification applications
  • Technical support service
  • TSR’s (Technical Service Requests)
  • Project member utilisation
  • Technical qualifications\standards
  • Bonding Excellence Platinum Contractors


This presentation lasts for approximately 20-25 minutes, and will have a live question and answer session at the end.

Pushing the Envelope Webinar

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This webinar offers technical and educational understanding into maximising building efficiency within facade design. It introduces SikaMembran®-200 FSA, a self-adhered, fire rated airtight breather membrane. 

With the ever-growing demand for improved building fabric and more stringent legislative requirements, improved building fabric, ventilation and energy management have been previously highlighted as a key to optimise efficiency. Within this presentation we will also consider other important specification considerations such as:

  • Air tightness
  • Fire protection
  • Material specification
  • Principles of air and heat movement

This presentation will introduce the product launch on the SikaMembran®-200 FSA, a fire rated self-adhered vapour permeable and airtight breather membrane and establish its impact within a multi layered building specification.

This presentation will provide the necessary confidence and guidance in specifying breather membranes within a high-rise application.

This presentation lasts for approximately 40-45 minutes, and afterwards there will be a live 15-minute question and answer session.


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