Everbuild Tecnic® Hybriflex 40

A high modulus, one component, hybrid based adhesive

Everbuild Tecnic® Hybriflex 40 is a high modulus, one component, hybrid based adhesive which adheres strongly to most substrates. Provides excellent mechanical resistance, resistance to most common chemicals and solvents and can be overpainted when cured.

  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to solvents when cured.
  • Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, aluminium, polyester, glass, uPVC, stone, ceramics, etc.
  • Over paintable with gloss and emulsion paints - preliminary test required before use.
Curing System Moisture Cure Shrinkage: ISO 10563 <5% Application Temperature: 5˚C to 30˚C Elasticity Modulus: ISO 8339~1.0 MpaResistance to Acids/Bases/Solvents:Average. Mild acids/ bases at < 10% concentrationPaintabilityWater Based - Yes
Solvent Based - Trial Necessary