Our range includes pre-treatments designed for either porous or non porous substrates as well as a vast selection of primers to work with our varied adhesive systems.

Best Recommended Products for Pre-treatments and Primers

Thorough cleaning of surfaces is essential for reliable bonding of the certain Sika adhesives and sealants. Therefore, Sika supplies special products with optimised adhesion to a wide variety of materials. Sika’s technical facilities will carry out thorough tests on the project materials to determine the best primer to use. Based on our experience and test results, Sika will make specific product
recommendations for each individual project. Sika offers a wide range of ancillary products for preparing substrates and processing sealants. These auxiliaries integrate into the whole façade product system and are carefully matched to Sikasil®, Sikaflex®, SikaHyflex® and SikaTack® ranges. They will round off all your façade projects.

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