Advanced Resins

Finally, there’s a way for smaller batches to create bigger opportunities. With low-pressure Reaction Injection Moulding systems from Sika, now it’s possible to create custom plastic parts and prototypes with thermoplastic quality, but without the extreme costs of injection moulding. 

In the world of plastic parts manufacturing, thermoplastic injection moulding is industry standard for a reason. But for prototypes and short production runs, the upfront equipment investments can be prohibitive. Now, with low-pressure RIM systems from Sika, you can achieve the same level of quality, precision, and customization at just a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re producing custom automotive parts, interior parts for specialty vehicles or product housings and coverings, Sika’s market-leading RIM technologies deliver the ideal balance of performance and profitability.

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Take the Pressure off your Next Design

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) is a cutting-edge manufacturing process that utilizes a two-component liquid polyurethane resin injected into moulds under low pressure. Because no high-pressure injection is required, it uses only a lightweight aluminium or polyurethane mould, together with a two-component mixing and metering machine. No large series requirements. No expensive steel tooling. And no lengthy cycle times. This makes it ideally suited for series of 500 to 5,000 components where the high-quality properties of thermoplastic systems are essential. 

Vehicle interior side panel, where RIM (Reaction Injected Molding) can be used to simulate or produce parts

Accelerate your Innovation Cycles

Since demoulding is possible within just five to twenty minutes, RIM systems make it possible for manufacturers to streamline their production processes and more rapidly produce components, even under tight delivery schedules. Compared with hand lamination, it requires far less manual labour and production times. These rapid cycle times make parts designs easy to modify during the prototyping phase, bringing an unparalleled level of design freedom into the product development process.

Create even the most Complex Designs

The low viscosity of polyurethane resins used in RIM allows for greater flow paths even with low wall thickness. This allows to produce large, complex components up to 20 kg in weight, down to highly detailed small parts weighing less than 100 g, with walls as thin as 3 mm. And because Sika RIM technologies are available in a wide range of special properties including high impact resistance, and high temperature resistance, the design possibilities for high-performance components are virtually unlimited. 

"We are specialists in the production of RIM parts, mainly for the medtech and automotive industries, and have been working with high-quality materials from Sika for many years. We can always rely on the high material quality and material processing advice that Sika provides. The flexible material availability also gives us opportunities to let our creativity run free and lays the foundation for the high quality of our RIM parts. " Rico Genau, GM of RGenau Industries, Germany

Growing your Business Together

Based on decades of experience in RIM technology development, system engineering and tool manufacturing, we at Sika take pride in developing the right manufacturing solution for every customer. Whether it’s delivering EU-certified RIM products for the automotive and railway industries, delivering equipment on-site for customer trials, or providing extensive R&D or technical services, our Advanced Resins experts are dedicated to delivering customised RIM solutions tailored to your specific demands. Together, we can develop a revolutionary approach to small series manufacturing that’s designed to help your business grow. 

How can we help move your business forward?

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Sika RIM partner services include:

  • Consulting: Product selection support covering a range of properties of thermoplastic systems, catering to different industries such as automotive, railway, and medical technology.
  • Technical expertise and support: Technical  expertise, system engineering, tool manufacturing support and R&D
  • Specialty certifications: Sika specializes in RIM products that are flame retardant according to DIN EN 45545-2; R22/R23/R24; UL 94 and V0, making them suitable for applications in the automotive and railway industries.
  • Small packaging options: For smaller customers, packaging sizes as small as 25kg are available.



Sika Low-pressure RIM systems enable:

  • Cost-efficient production of small and medium series plastic parts
  • Short cycle times with demoulding after just 5-20 minutes
  • Specialty certifications for automotive and railway industry parts
  • Special properties including high impact resist and more.