There are a variety of flat roof systems to choose from.

The choice of flat roof construction is usually driven by a combination of the specific needs and constraints of the building, cost and aesthetic.

Not all roofing systems are applicable for all contexts and architects, specifiers and builders should seek technical support on defining the best flat roof material.

New vs Refurbished Roofs

Another consideration is whether you are building a new flat roof or a refurbished roof. There is a rigorous inspection and consultancy stage with refurbishment roofs to explore the condition of the existing building to better define the needs of the specific solution. For example, it is often advisable to choose a liquid roofing system to ensure the new roof is perfectly watertight - filling gaps between the new and old perfectly to ensure they are waterproof and provide protection as needed.

New builds offer more flexibility as the roof can be designed and specified with the whole in mind, at an earlier stage, to ensure the right solution is included in the design.