Sika's roofing technologies consist of four market-leading roofing brands in the UK: Sika Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® (single-ply membranes), Sika Liquid Plastics (cold-applied liquid membrane), and SikaShield® (reinforced bituminous membranes and hot-melt structural waterproofing).

Sika Sarnafil®

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Sika Sarnafil® is our market leader for single-ply roofing membranes for flat roof waterproofing. Some of Britain’s best-known buildings feature Sika Sarnafil roofs, and it is the system of choice for applications in education, commercial, retail, leisure, travel, and many other sectors due to its flexibility and aesthetic finish.  Our Sika Sarnafil waterproofing membranes are suitable for most types of roof design in new build and refurbishment applications, on steel, timber, and concrete structures, and for warm, cold and inverted roofs. Whether it’s a flat, pitched, vertical, wave-form, domed, concave or convex roof, we can provide a solution for almost any type of roof structure. 

Since the 1960s the performance and longevity of Sika Sarnafil® roofs has been demonstrated in millions of successful applications worldwide, in every conceivable climate, and many of the early installations are still providing reliable protection today. 

The BBA independently approves all of our single-ply roofing membranes and has released durability statements in excess of 40 years for our Sika Sarnafil® systems. This, coupled with decades of experience in the roofing industry, means our customers can be reassured that their roofing project are in safe hands.



Sikaplan® is a range of established single ply membranes, which have been been used in Europe since the 1960s and the UK since 1972. The Sikaplan range consists of roof waterproofing systems – both for mechanically fixed and adhered applications. Used in conjuction with Sika’s AVCLs, Sikatherm insulation and other supporting accessories they offer robust and cost effective roof waterproofing solutions.

Sikaplan® is produced at Sika’s newest and state of the art production facility in Düdingen Switzerland, and at Troisdorf Germany.

 The systems feature long life expectancy (BBA Accredited for 35 years plus), system guarantees up to 25 years and CE Marking.

SikaBit project, Leeds

Sika single ply membranes are classified to BRoofT4, so can easily satisfy regulatory requirements for fire performance.  


Sika Liquid Plastics

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Since 1963 we have produced an extensive range of high-performance, technologically advanced liquid coatings and membranes for the protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies. We also have a complete range of cold-applied built-up roofing systems including warm roofs, inverted roofs, and green roof finishes. Cold-applied roofing membranes are high-performance polyurethane membranes that become rapidly resistant to rain damage and can be used on both flat and pitched roofs. 

Our liquid-applied membranes are cold applied and cure to form a seamless waterproof membrane. The system offers outstanding stability and longevity and can be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Sika has been manufacturing high-performance protection and waterproofing systems for over 50 years. Our liquid  waterproofing membranes provide long-lasting, elastomeric weather-proof protection. Sika’s proven track record for developing innovative techniques and problem-solving systems has resulted in an extensive portfolio of products that you can trust, including Decothane Ultra and our low-odour systems designed for sites were minimal disruption is required such as schools, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Sika Liquid Applied Project


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Building on Sika’s trusted expertise as a global leader in roofing solutions, SikaShield® complements the Liquid Applied Membranes and Single Ply Membranes in the Sika portfolio with a suite of advanced Reinforced Bituminous Membranes, offered with the same high standards of technical support and customer service. We have over 40 years of experience producing Reinforced Bituminous Membranes to suit a wide range of roof types and application requirements.

Backed by decades of expertise and leading guarantees, Sika Provides a range of Safe2Torch options for both new-build and refurbishment projects, supported by Sika’s comprehensive Technical and Applications support, and fully-trained Certified Contractors, you can be confident of working with the best.

Within our SikaShield® bituminous range, we also offer our SikaSheild® Hot Melt structural waterproofing system. This system is BBA Certified to last the design life of the struture to which it is installed, providing a highly durable roofing solution.

SikaBit project, Leeds

Are you a home owner looking for a new roof or roof refurbishment?

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Roof Assured by Sika® offer the consumer market a range of high-performance flat roof, waterproofing membranes, installed by certified installers. 

All technologies are durable, reliable and low maintenance solutions for domestic flat roofs.

Some of the applications we cover include roofs for conservatories, balconies, dormers, heritage homes and more.

Roof Assured by Sika