Sikalastic Flat Roofing Systems

Sikalastic Project

With innovation at the heart of everything we do at Sika, our aim isn’t just to pioneer new market-leading technologies, but also to continually improve existing technologies. The Sikalastic® PU range of coatings are a single component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered liquid waterproofing membrane that cures to form a seamless, durable and weather resistant waterproofing
solution for exposed roof areas. The products have all the inherent
advantages of using liquid membranes as well as offering the benefit of
being a cost effective alternative to other options available in the

Sikalastic®-625N is our most versatile liquid-applied polyurethane membrane, used in a range of applications including flat, industrial and commercial roofs plus balcony walkways.

The incorporation of our patented i-cure technology has allowed us to introduce a range of enhancements into our Sikalastic®-625N range. These include:

  • Greater temperature stability
  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved workability


Sikalastic-625N Features and Benefits

Sikalastic 625n