Flat Roof Products and Systems

There are a variety of high performance flat roof systems to choose from.

The choice of flat roof waterproofing is usually driven by a combination of the specific needs and constraints of the project, building, aesthetics or cost. If you're unsure on the best roof solution for your project you should seek technical support from us to dechipher which product or system is the best solution for the individual projects requirements.  

At Sika, there are three different roof waterproofing technologies that we manufacture, these are single ply membranes, liquid applied membranes and bituminous products including hot melt structural waterproofing. Each of these technologies have a variety of products and systems available, and they have their own individual features and benefits to using the technology as flat roof waterproofing solution. You can learn more about the individual technologies and the products within their range below:  

Specialist Application Systems

A flat roof waterproofing system can also comprise of additional elements to the roof including solar PV panels and green roofs, both of these systems which are installed above the waterproofing system can increase the energy efficiency of the overall building to which they are installed. As well as additional roofing systems, there are also specialist application systems that we specialise in at Sika. These include metal roof waterproofing, balconies, walkways and terraces. For more information on any of these system see below:

Not sure on the right products or systems for your project?

Whether you are building a new flat roof or refurbishing an existing roof area, there are different design considerations to understand. Our roofing team provide different techncial support depending on the project.