At Sika, our technical teams within our roofing department are constantly reviewing the latest industry regulations and British Standards. This is so we can continue to provide technical support and create specifications that are in line with relevant regulations. As a manufacturer we continuously support regulations and guidance documents that pursue best practice for the roofing and overall construction industry. We have listed the relevant standards and guidance documents for flat roof construction, thermal design, fire testing classifications, control of condensation, energy efficiency, specification creation, installation and the maintenance of roof areas.

If you require any further detail regarding any of the below standards please do get in touch with our roofing experts.

Industry Regulations


This British standard provides information on the design of flat roof construction including thermal design, upstand heights and industry best practice.

BS:13501 Classification of fire-resistant test

Defines a harmonious procedure for the classification for the resistant to fire of construction products and elements. This standard refers to the test method BroofT4.


Specifies methods of test for construction materials in relation to fire.

BS:5250:2021 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings

This British Standard gives recommendations and guidance on avoiding problems with high moisture levels and condensation within buildings.

Approved Document L: (Section 6 in Scotland)

Approved document L (volume 1 and 2) gives guidance on how to comply with Part L of schedule 1 to the building regulations and the energy efficiency requirements for dwellings and buildings other than dwellings.

BS:12056 Gravity drainage systems inside buildings

This British Standard gives recommendations and guidance on avoiding problems with high moisture levels and condensation within buildings.

Roofing Technology Guidance Documents

Single ply design guide 2020: SPRA (Single Ply Roofing Association):

This document sets a standard for the single ply roofing industry and provides designers with technical information which, together with manufacturers advice, and published regulations and standards, will be sufficient for the design of a single ply roof.




Design guide of specifiers 2002: LRWA (Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association)

This technical design guide has been produced by the associations technical committee and covers specifications and installation best practice, thermal performance, and fire safety.


The national federation of roofing contractors is the largest trade organisation for all of roofing in the UK, it has several technical sub committees which routinely publishes technical guidance notes on a variety of topics to provide the industry with access to the latest technical information. For example Safe2Torch guidance.




GRO (Green Roof Organisation) Technical guidance

The GRO produces the green roof code, this code of best practice for the design specification, installation and maintenance of green roofs in the UK.