The Importance of Wind Uplift Calculations


It is essential for any roofing project that wind uplift calculations are undertaken to ensure the correct securement, but also for UK Building Regulation compliance. This must be carried out in compliance with the latest version of the relevant European wind load standards, BS EN 1991-1-4, supplemented with the latest UK National Annex.

The wind load calculations will determine the wind uplift pressures acting on the roof, which will vary across the roof, depending on various factors (location, height, size, roof type, pitch etc). This will allow an accurate assessment of the suitability of the proposed roofing system, ensuring, where applicable, an adhered system is suitable and within the design limitations, or where a mechanically fastened system is specified, the required fastener density and fixing pattern is correctly calculated.

Ultimately this ensures the system is designed & installed to resist the appropriate site specific wind loads throughout its serviceable life, also allowing for the applicable factors safety.     

Sika Sarnafil Wind Uplift Test Simulation

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