Sika staff member Samantha Taylor has achieved a Diploma in Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health in the Workplace, which she hopes to put to good use by counselling colleagues during times of stress.

To earn the qualification, Sam, a Technical Services Advisor for Sika’s roofing division, completed a voluntary two-month programme outside of working hours. It resulted in her securing a National Council for Education (NCFE) qualification in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) Level 2, the equivalent of a GCSE C (4) or above.

Sam, who joined Sika in October 2013, said she was inspired to enrol for the course following her experience in helping others with personal issues.

"I’ve been in many situations in and outside of work where I’ve helped people in distress, or who are dealing with stress due to relationship issues, for example. One particular incident was quite serious, and it was then I decided I’d like a formal qualification to support the advice I was giving." Sam Taylor

The online training programme comprised one and two-hour stints before and after work. This superb commitment meant she was able to complete the course on 20th January 2022. She described the learning experience as very enjoyable and enlightening in ways that surprised her.

“Although I have knowledge of mental health first aid through personal experience, I learnt more about myself and how to cope in various situations,” she said. “In terms of the reaction to my qualification, I’ve had so many emails and messages from people. Not all the messages were just congratulatory. Some people wanted to make contact in order to share the mental health issues they and the people around them had experienced. I’ve messaged every person back in appreciation.”

The announcement of Sam’s qualification is timed to promote Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place between May 9th and 15th. This year’s theme is ‘Loneliness’, with the programme’s organisers claiming it is an ‘epidemic’ that is negatively affecting communities throughout the UK.

Speaking of Sam’s achievement in gaining a Mental Health First Aid Diploma, Liam Leonard, Head of Roofing Services at Sika said: “We are incredibly proud of Sam. The qualification is proof of her dedication to gaining skills that will benefit her and others. She is a credit to herself and the company.  As a colleague, it’s comforting to know someone of Sam’s stature is on hand to help in times of stress, which is something most of us suffer from time-to-time. Therefore, thank you Sam, and huge congratulations from everyone at Sika on gaining your Mental Health First Aid certification.”

For more information on how to take part in Mental Health Awareness Week, visit: