Shopping Centre Buys Into Decothane Ultra Performance

One of the largest shopping destinations in Europe, The Lakeside Shopping Centre in West Thurrock, Essex, offers more than 250 shops and 50 restaurants, attracting an average of 500,000 visitors per week.

The shopping centre was first opened in 1990 and, with the existing roof covering coming to the end of its service life, a six-phase roof refurbishment programme has been introduced to ensure that the interior accommodation is protected from leaks and that comfort levels are maintained for shoppers.

Flat Roof Project Requirements

As the shopping centre needed to remain fully operational throughout the roof refurbishment, use of a low odour system to prevent nuisance odours was business critical. Speed of installation was another key criteria for the specification, along with compatibility with the existing single ply roof surface.

The client was also keen to utilise a low maintenance solution with an extended service life and the Decothane Ultra 20 year system provided a low odour cold-applied liquid solution with a 20-year guarantee for product performance and installation integrity.

Sika Liquid Roofing Solutions

Sika Certified Contractor, Makers Construction Ltd, is a regular contractor to the shopping centre and recommended Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane Ultra 20 year system for the operational roof refurbishment project.

Makers Construction erected an access tower to enable the Decothane Ultra materials and equipment to be brought up to roof level.

The project involved a significant amount of detailing due to the amount of rooftop plant, guttering, upstands and interfaces between various roof areas. These conditions required the installers to work in confined and awkward spaces.

The Decothane Ultra system’s ease and speed of application were vital in addressing these challenges and field technicians from the Sika team made regular visits to the site throughout the programme to troubleshoot on tricky detailing challenges.

After preparing the existing roof surface, The Makers Construction team applied Sikalastic Primer PVC before installing the Decothane Ultra 20 year system to create a seamless finish.

Watch the full roof transformation

"The agreed programme was 21 weeks but, thanks the ease of installation of the Decothane Ultra system and the skill and project co-ordination of our installation team, the project completed ahead of schedule." Alex Bloor from Makers Construction

Products Used

Decothane Ultra 20 year system

Sikalastic Primer PVC

Project Participants

Specialist Contractor
Makers Construction

Sika Organization

Sika Liquid Plastics

Roofing Client
Lakeside Shopping Centre