Ian Muddiman, Head of Applications – Roofing, began his career as a carpenter and joiner following his apprenticeship. He was first introduced to Sarnafil Ltd in 1983, where he helped with timber framework for one of Sarnafil’s first UK contractor’s – Prestidge Roofing.

Ian explains, “I moved on to help on some other major Sarnafil projects, such as Oxford Ice Rink and Enerdale Swimming centre where the Applications Manager at the time, the late John Baker, trained me up in using Sarnafil, so I was an applicator on those projects.”

Alongside his trade, Ian also owned a pub which he ran up until he started working at Sarnafil. Ian continues: “John Baker approached me around 1990 to ask if I would be a Field Technician. I was still running my pub, Forester Arms, at the time, so I worked three days a week for Sarnafil, until eventually I sold my pub and took on a full time Field Technician role, alongside two other Field Technicians.

single ply roofing
Image: Oxford Ice Rink
single ply roofing
Image: Oxford Ice Rink
Flat Roofing
Image: Ian Muddiman - Head of Applications - Roofing
flat roofing
Image: Ian representing Sika in Canada

Ian became Applications Manager in 1994 and as the business grew in the late 90’s, so did the applications team, and Ian became National Applications Manager, with a team of 8 field technicians.

Sika bought Sarnafil in 2005, (25th anniversary of Sarnafil in the UK) and with the acquisition, came a new role and challenge for Ian. His role changed to Head of Applications, as he took on the responsibility of also managing the Sika-Trocal applications team, a result of Sika’s first acquisition of a UK roofing manufacturer in 2000. The UK are experts in single ply roofing capability, which brought more opportunity for Ian and his team to demonstrate best practice across the Sika world.

Ian comments: “I’ve been to America twice, Canada, Russia and Europe countless times, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to connect with our colleagues all over the world. I also became a member recently of the Sika EMEA Regional Applications Instructors Network (RAIN), who support all EMEA countries, covering all technologies, in every aspect from training and development, site support and to share wealth of experience and expertise.”

Image: SikaBit Bituminous Membranes

Ian was met with a further challenge in 2009, when Sika acquired Liquid Plastics Ltd, the UK market leader in liquid applied membranes and he became responsible for applications across three roofing brands and three training academies.

“It’s been amazing to be part of a growing business, learning about new technologies and having direct contribution to their development.”

Ian has a long list of project teams and innovations he’s played a part in. One example being the development of the Sarnafast System, which was then adopted by Sika countries globally. Also, the introduction of self-adhered membrane technologies and spray-applied technologies to improve efficiencies for our customers. His most recent contribution to innovation, was supporting in the launch of SikaBit reinforced bituminous membranes and hot melt system in the UK, alongside other project team members from technical, product management, marketing and sales.

Outside of the Sika world, Ian takes an active role in supporting the single ply roofing industry as a governing council member of the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA) where he works with other industry members on new innovations and regulations.

“One of my favourite things about working at Sika, is the opportunity to embrace new skills and technologies. And importantly, to draw on the expertise of our contractor partnerships and members of the applications team to successfully launch quality systems which answer the needs of the market.”

Ian looks ahead to the future of his role and some of the “new normal” developments taking place at Sika. “We’ve moved into very different times” he comments, “and the way we’ve looked at training in the past needs to change. Not only due to the current situation, but to continue to improve and develop how the industry trains people. Looking ahead to the future, I will be working with other departments to develop our training programmes, using my close contractor relationships to see how we can do things differently. I’ll also be taking on more responsibility in new product field trials and product developments. Also continuing to improve our processes and procedures, with the ultimate goal of delivering the best experience for our customers.”

Ian’s career has been exciting and progressive, from developing his team, through to taking a key role in new innovations and knowledge sharing across Sika globally.

However, it’s not just his work contribution that keeps him driven at work.

“I’ve had the opportunity to change and develop and can honestly say my job has been so varied for 30 years. But outside of the role itself, I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such fantastic, talented people at Sika and the best customers and characters in the industry. The people are brilliant, and I can call many of my colleagues from over the years, close personal friends.”

We want to thank and congratulate Ian for his continued service at Sika, and we look forward to his future contribution to Sika’s Roofing team.