Cyns Tavern, is a traditional community pub located in the Little Hulton area of Salford. Since its construction in the 1970s it has maintained its popularity with local residents. The existing felt covering on an area of the roof had reached the end of its service life and in order to prevent further damage to the building fabric, the owner wanted to carry out a roof refurbishment.

The project provided an ideal opportunity for roofing contractor, LRL Roofing Solutions, to leverage the team’s experience in bituminous roofing systems and use the innovative, new SikaShield® Safe2Torch system in a project for one of the company’s major customers, Forviva.

SikaBit Cyns Tavern project


The pub is situated in a busy urban location, close to shops and residential properties, and the area of roof involved in the project adjoins the Little Hulton Civic Centre, so safety was top priority throughout.

The project specification called for an upgrade of the existing roof, using the latest hybrid bitumen technology. This was to be applied as an overlay onto the existing roof-build, in full compliance with NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) Safe2Torch Guidelines.

It was therefore, essential that the chosen system was compatible with the existing roof surface and could be installed safely within a short programme, whilst the pub remained open to business.


In order to assess whether the roof was compatible with the SikaShield’s Safe2Torch system, a detailed roof condition survey was carried out by the technical team. As a result of this the team developed a full specification for installation of a SikaShield® Safe2Torch system onto the existing room.

The team at LRL Roofing solutions began by preparing the existing roof by retaining the existing felt and the air and vapour control layer. Sika’s Primer 610 spray adhesive was applied to the roof surface, followed by SikaShield® E74; the fully self-adhered 3mm underlay that forms part of the complete SikaShield® Safe2Torch system.

With the underlay in place across the roof area, LRL Roofing Solutions installed SikaShield® HB79 torch-on cap sheet in all the Safe2Torch zones. The self-adhesive SikaShield® E79 cap sheet was then installed in the torch exclusion zones, which included upstands and a 900mm area at either side of the roof where it adjoins neighbouring structures.

On one corner of the building, where the roof abuts a timber-clad structure, the installation team used a liquid applied membrane in combination with the self-adhesive SikaShield® system to provide a best practice solution with a joined up specification from a single supplier.


"The fully self-adhered underlay went down well, with great lap seals that enabled us to leave it overnight prior to installation of the cap sheet. We achieved an extremely consistent bleed from the self-adhered cap sheet, providing us with great confidence within the Safe2Torch element of the system. The SikaShield® cap sheet was really easy to apply, and we found it more pliable than other bituminous membranes." Contracts Manager at LRL Roofing Solutions, Mick Raistrick