In the vast majority of both new build and refurbishment projects, the presence of insulation is either considered or required. Approved Document L of the Building Regulations provide more information on where insulation is required and what target or U Value must be achieved.

Approved Document L.

It is important to note, that these regulations are regularly revised, so the latest version should always be consulted.

Sika has a wide variety of different types and thicknesses to suit all flat roofing applications, under the overall brand Sikatherm®. Sikatherm® is suitable for mechanically fixed, adhered and ballasted flat roofing types. Of course, Sikatherm® insulation is compatible with all of our waterproofing solutions, single ply membranes, liquid applied membranes, Reinforced bituminous membranes and hot melt structural waterproofing.

Above this, we offer Sikatherm® tapered insulation solutions where falls are required, and EPS, XPS and cellular glass insulation is available for inverted roof build ups.

We offer thermal calculations and condensation risk analysis for every project, to ensure performance is guaranteed as well as security from harmful condensation.