Sarnafil® AT-25

Polymeric FPO membrane for mechanically fastened and ballasted roof waterproofing

Sarnafil® AT-25 (thickness 2,5 mm) is a multi-layer synthetic membrane based on flexible polyolefines (FPO) with an internal fabric and backing according to EN 13956. Sarnafil® AT-25 is a hot air weldable roof membrane formulated for direct exposure and designed for use in all global climatic conditions.

  • Resistant to UV exposure
  • Resistant to permanent wind exposure
  • Resistant to all common environmental influences
  • Hot air weldable
  • No open flame equipment required
  • High dimensional stability from glass fleece inlay
  • Resistant against impact load and hail
  • Resistant to mechanical influences
  • Resistant to root penetration
  • Compatible with old bitumen