On-Site Survey

Understanding your requirements

Every project is very important to us. This is why we always arrange an initial consultation to discuss your needs specific to the project before even stepping onto the roof - making sure that everything that is required for the roof refurbishment project has been incorporated and reflected in the scope of works

Moisture Mapping

Using leak detection equipment, we can locate specifically where a roof failure is, using its leak identification functionality. This ensures we can specify the correct solution to rectify the problems during the refurbishment of the roof area.

For larger roof areas and where existing roof conditions may vary, our moisture mapping software enables us to define areas where removal of the roof system is required.

We can identify the extent of what has been compromised with an accurate reading of areas that are wet or dry, which we then build into the roofing specification.


Additional survey support

Other elements of the pre-start survey can include determining the size and dimensions of the roof, and thermographic readings, as well as assessing the existing falls and back falls. Feasibility studies for long term projects are also available on request.

In addition, our roofing specialists can also attend pre-start or design meetings at any stage of the project to provide roof design assistance and ensure accurate design work throughout the project.

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