Roof Refurbishment Services

At Sika, we know that the refurbishment of a roof is more than just ‘filling the gaps’. As well as waterproofing and aesthetics, there are considerations such as weather, climate, access and, of course, durability. What is the budget and how does this impact the most suitable roof solution?

Investing in a proven roof solution is important as repairing roofs year after year is costly in terms of financial requirement, operational time and the resource needed to continually deal with ongoing issues. 

In addition, it is crucial that the contents within a building are protected, especially for those buildings containing high value assets or operational systems. Life-cycle costs, and the longevity and durability of the membrane are critical considerations when choosing a roofing solution.

At Sika, we understand that you need to get the best solution for your refurbishment roofing project. That’s why we offer a range of roofing services, including:

refurb service

Sika's Roofing Consultants

Before a project begins our fully trained consultants, who are roofing specialists, will conduct a comprehensive roof survey to determine which system is suitable for your roofing repairs or fuill roof refurbishment.

During the survey, a core sample will be taken to assess the current roof construction and the condition of the substrate. All of our findings are thoroughly documented with photographs taken by our roofing specialists and used to produce a bespoke condition report. All of our partners, including Kingspan, SFS Intec, Latchways Safety Systems, and Brett Martin Daylight Systems, will also have input to the survey to ensure all components of the roof within the ‘single-point guarantee’ are covered.


A building’s roof can fail for a number of reasons, most commonly from general deterioration over its lifetime, ever changing weather conditions and temperatures, building movement or settling, and unsuitable design.

Often, what doesn’t change, is the continual time and investment needed to maintain roofs, once they have been installed, with large proportions of refurbishment budgets being re-invested into roof management every year.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of roofing assets are the most important elements of a successful roof management programme.

This, in turn, is proven to reduce ownership costs and leak frequency, extend the roof’s life cycle, and most importantly, provide facilities and building management operations with fewer interruptions.

All of our individual products and systems can be found here:

All of Sika’s roofing solutions work to deliver the highest quality products and services, to ensure you get the best results.

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