Biodiverse Green Roof

This specific type of green, brown or ‘living’ roof typically either tries to replicate as closely as is practical the ecological environment of the site where construction has taken place or sets out to create a natural habitat to support a variety of plants, birds, animals and invertebrates.

Biodiverse roofs are created primarily for biodiversity purposes and can aim to recreate the habitat that was lost when the building was erected. A ‘Green’ biodiverse roof would generally be broadcast with an appropriate seed mix to encourage specific plant types that will support certain bird and invertebrate species. Pre-grown mats containing mixes of drought-tolerant wildflowers, grasses and herbs can also be installed to provide a more “instant” cover. Substrate depths may vary across the roof deck to promote a diversity of both shallow and deep rooted plants and ones which are more and less drought tolerant.

Biodiverse green roof build up
Image: Sika biodiverse green roof build up

The SikaRoof® Biodiverse system meets the needs of the specifier who is looking to achieve a green roof with true biodiversity at all different levels. The use of a specialist biodiverse substrate and a biodiverse sedum blanket, in the build up differentiates it from an extensive roof type. The system can be laid with different levels of substrate with different planting regimes to recreate the natural landscape. 

System build up:

4. SikaRoof Wildflower Blanket UK
3. SikaRoof Substrate Bio-diverse UK
2. SikaRoof Rigid Drainage Layer 20 UK
1. SikaRoof Protection Fleece P-225 UK