Extensive Green Roof

Extensive green roof systems generally provide a visual or biodiversity profile, designed to support plants with a lower maintenance requirement, e.g. sedums, grasses, mosses and some wildflower species. These planting types are able to survive on shallower substrate depths than other types of plants and require lower nutrient levels along with little or no irrigation requirement.

  • Most common green roof plant species
  • The hardiest plants; are not nutrient hungry
  • Low maintenance plant species
  • Requires the least substrate, weighting factor for planning
  • Perennial plant, no winter decline
  • Common pre-grown sedum blankets with 13 species sown
Extensive green roof build up
Image: Sika extensive green roof build up

SikaRoof® Extensive Green Roof System comprises a protection fleece, to protect the newly installed Sika waterproofing, 20mm drainage board with built in filter fleece, to both store water to feed the green roof during periods of drought but also manage rainwater during storm events. The nutrient rich extensive substrate, stores moisture and feeds the system. A sedum blanket is the final layer in this system, which comprises of 13 different variety of sedums providing an aesthetic finish that will flourish through out the year.

System build up:

Top layer to the bottom

4. SikaRoof® Sedum Blanket UK
3. SikaRoof Substrate Extensive UK
2. SikaRoof Rigid Drainage Layer 20 UK
1. SikaRoof Protection Fleece P-225 UK