Intensive Green Roof

An intensive green roof is designed to include a thicker layer of substrate to support deeper rooting vegetation like turf and different varieties of shrubs and in some circumstances trees. A Biodiverse type of green, brown or ‘living’ roof, replicates as closely as is practical the ecological environment of the site where construction has taken place or sets out to create a natural habitat to support a variety of plants, birds, animals and invertebrates.

Intensive green roofs (also known as Roof Gardens) are principally designed to create recreational and amenity spaces for people to enjoy. They are generally accessible and contain features similar to traditional gardens including lawns, trees, shrubs and hard landscaped areas.
  • Greater variety of vegetation
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Requires regular maintenance and irrigation
  • Suitable for recreational activities
  • Heavier than other types of green roof – almost always concrete roof or podium deck
  • Soft landscape can retain up to 90% of rainfall
Intensive green roof build up
Image: Sika intensive green roof build up

The SikaRoof® Intensive Green Roof System comprises a protection fleece, 40mm drainage board, filter fleece and SikaRoof® Intensive Substrate. The Intensive system is designed for the green roofs where a project requires planting that requires a system with a deeper depth of substrate. This system provides the perfect solution for areas with a mix of hard and soft landscaping, where a recreational and functional space is needed.

System build up:

5. Turf/Planting by others
4. SikaRoof Substrate Intensive UK
3. SikaRoof Filter Fleece F-120 UK
2. SikaRoof Rigid Drainage Layer 40 UK
1. SikaRoof Protection Fleece P-225 UK