SikaBit ProMelt- Hot Melt Flat Roof System

SikaBit ProMelt is the latest addition to Sika's Roofing portfolio of bituminous, single ply and cold applied liquid membranes. Predominately, this hot applied membrane is used for inverted cold flat roofing areas or podiums, walkways or balconies due to its non-tracking monolithic state.

The hot melt waterproofing system is ideal for New Build construction sites, as the system can be trafficked quickly after installation, and can be easily laid piecemeal around other working trades. The durability and longevity of the system provides the perfect solution for high traffic flat roofing areas.

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Hot Melt System Benefits

SikaBit ProMelt System features and benefits

As a system, SikaBit ProMelt is BBA certified for the durability of the design life of the roof, showcasing its outstanding durability. Another benefit to this technology, is that it can be installed all year round, and is backed with the support from Sika's roofing application and technical teams.

A sustainability benefit to this system is that there is less site waste during application, as 15% of the products compound is made using post consumer recycled materials, and the outer thermofusible protective film wrapped around the blocks of hot melt are simply melted with the compound, reducing on site waste.


Hot Melt System Build Up

Hot Melt System Features
  • The SikaBit Hot Melt 50/70 has outstanding durability with a monolithic application and is fully bonded and non-tracking. With SikaBit ProMelt being a two-layer system, the hot melt compound provides durability to the system.

  • The SikaBit F-50 reinforcement fleece has a high tensile strength and provides multi-directional reinforcement.

  • The SikaBit Roof Access Layer is and effective and easy to install trafficable surface.

  • The range of Sikatherm XPS Insulation has a high compressive strength and its closed cell structure gives the insulation a low water absorption and makes it an ideal choice for an inverted roof build up.

  • The Sika Roof Water Infiltration Reduction Layer has a high resistance to the passage of water, increasing the overall thermal performance of the roof.

Bituminous Training

Sika's Roofing Applications team are able to offer training in bituminous, single ply and liquid applied membranes. With three training academies in the UK, we have the facilities to enable our contractors to be fully trained in all of our roofing systems, now including hot melt at our Preston site. If you require further details regarding the bituminous training programmes available then please contact us, as part of the course can be done online.

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