A liquid admixture for high-range water reducer and superplasticiser.

What is Sikament®-700

Sikament®-700 is a liquid admixture which is added to concrete as a superplasticiser.

It helps to strengthen concrete, enabling a lower cement content and is best suited to use in flooring concrete.

Sikament®-700 meets the requirements of BS EN 934-2 standard.

The advantages of Sikament®-700

There are many advantages to opting for Sikament®-700, which has a long-standing history of reliability and application in a wide range of flooring and construction projects.

Through the reduction of water, Sikament®-700 results in a higher strength and density of concrete, along with reduced shrinkage and potential for delamination. It improves many other features of the concrete including cohesion, rheology and durability, and gives a fast and predictable setting time for powerfloat finishes.


Sikament®-700 is a unique product that is suitable for:

Production ready mixed flooring concretes
Suitable for laser screed and hand laid floor slabs
Applications that require high quality concrete
Application that require high early strength Characteristics / Advantages

Case Study Example: Malin Floors and Fife District Council

Contractor Malin Floors needed a suitable admixture that would speed up the process and fit a tight timescale in laying concrete floor in Fife District Council’s two, brand-new warehouses.

In schemes where a floor will be subject to considerable traffic and strain from heavy loads, such as warehouses, a surface must adhere to strict durability demands, particularly in commercial projects where missed deadlines and failings can be costly and inconvenient.

Requiring a high-performance finish that boasted strength, integrity and durability to accommodate the heavy use associated with its workforce, Malin Floors turned to Sika and Sikament®-700.

Sikament®-700 is particularly well suited to the Fife District Council project thanks to its laser screed properties, providing even distribution and prompt curing time – no matter how large the area.

To maximise efficiencies, 150m³ was pump-poured before being evenly distributed across the new-build floorplate.

The installation took just three hours and was ready to receive a laser screed finish just a few hours after installation, with impressive results.

Malin Floors and Fife District Council Sikament 700 project
Malin Floors and Fife District Council Sikament 700 project