Precast Concrete Technologies

In the precast concrete industry, a concrete element producer sells a finished technical product, though its quality and surface appearance are the producer’s calling card.

The precast concrete element producer bears responsibility for technical performance, compliance to standards and durability of products. The production process for precast concrete elements is increasingly industrialised, and efficiency is essential. Because they execute the entire production process, precast concrete element manufacturers encounter a myriad of requirements.

In addition to being efficient the production process should be sustainable and environmentally friendly, holding the CO2 footprint of the product to a minimum. Besides ecological concerns, health and safety of workers also continues to grow in importance. Structural design and construction with precast concrete elements requires versatile chemical products, from wet precast production to erection on site. Sika meets the diverse complexity of the entire precast concrete element production and construction process with solutions for all requirements.

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Advantages of Precast Concrete

With advanced concrete technology and suitable admixture application, adequate workability, rapid installation and subsequent fast strength development of the concrete can be ensured whereas fast strength development is critical for swift production.

Application of innovative concrete mix designs such as Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) offer further advantages. Besides rapid installation, vibration work can be eliminated, substantially improving the working environment in a precast concrete factory.

The latest concrete admixture technology can improve concrete production and achieve the following advantages:

  • Cost efficient concrete mix designs
  • Production of high strength, highly durable concrete
  • Application of Self Compacting Concrete
  • Reduction or elimination of heat or steam curing
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly production
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