What is Pumped Concrete?

The design of a suitable concrete mix is essential so that the concrete is pumpable without segregation and blocking of the pipes.

The critical factors influencing the pumpability of the concrete are:

  • Low water content to prevent segregation and bleeding
  • Optimised mix design with efficient use of fines and cements
  • Cement and aggregate type
  • Selection of correct consistence for application
Sika pumped concrete

With Sika® ViscoCrete® and Sika® Stabiliser® technology it is possible to produce fresh concrete with the required consistence and good internal cohesion. Friction and resistance in pipes is reduced, helping maintain pumping pressure at a more constant and lower level. Sika technology for pumped concrete allows the realisation of the most demanding and challenging concrete requirements on construction sites all over the UK. The successful construction of many structures is based on Sika® technology, in combination with our experience in the development of the best mix designs.

Sika® ViscoCrete® to reduce water contents, improve rheology characteristics and cement hydration efficiency
Sika® Stabiliser® to improve the internal cohesion properties of fresh concrete

The Benefits of Pumped Concrete

The improved internal cohesion of fresh concrete and the reduced friction during pumping created by Sika® ViscoCrete® and Sika® Stabiliser® technologies will give significant advantages.

Increasing the performance of the concreting process will make the concrete more cost efficient with the following additional benefits:

  • Faster and consistent placing
  • Optimised cost of mix design with efficient use of fines/cements
  • Enables use of poorer aggregates and grading (i.e. recycled aggregates)
  • Increased quality and durability
  • Less blockages
  • Less labour
  • Longer pumping distances can be achieved
  • Reduced wear on pumping equipment
  • Taller heights can be reached in the construction of superstructures
  • Improved concrete surfaces
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