Improving the ground

The injection of foams, polymers and other additives into the tunnel face can significantly modify the characteristics of soft ground, including its plasticity, texture and permeability, in order to make the work and progress of the TBM easier and faster. The selection of the best type and quantity of material for this ground conditioning is dependent on the specific geology and the equipment available with the TBM.

TBM tunnel sika


As not all ground is ideal for excavation by TBMs, the use of ground conditioning foams can allow Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBMs to achieve better advance rates, even in heterogeneous grounds containing gravel, sand and water, or under other critical geological conditions. Our Sika® Foam TBM range of products has been developed to help during the excavation with EPB-TBMs.

Polymers and additives

Although foams are the most widely used materials, they are not the only type of products that can be considered. Additional products based on polymers and additives may be used to achieve different results during TBM excavation and progress.

Support onsite

During the preparation works, excavation with the TBM or even during crossing a difficult section of the tunnel alignment, our Sika team is ready to support you, test onsite and recommend you the most adequate product for the soil conditioning.

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