Dunbar, United Kingdom

Sika® admixtures have been incorporated in the mix design used for the concrete turbine bases that have been constructed at the 60 turbine Crystal Rig II wind farm development near Dunbar in the Scottish Borders.

This development, one of the largest wind farms in the UK, helps to put Scotland well on its way to meeting its target of generating 31 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by 2011.

Crystal Rig 11 Wind Farm concrete project
Crystal Rig 11 Wind Farm concrete project

Project Overview

The installation of the turbine bases is part of the approx. £19 million infrastructure contract that Jones Bros (Civil Engineering) are completing for Fred Olsen Renewables, the Norwegian Energy company. With awkward access and long distances from the site batching plant to the bases, extending the workability life of the concrete was a priority.

Sika Solution

Sika® ViscoCrete® 35RM, a unique liquid admixture which was used as a high range water reducer/superplasticiser, not only enhanced the workability and consistence retention (open time) of the concrete for easier placement, but also gave higher strength and increased durability.

With each base measuring in at up to 300 cubic metres, the slower rate of cure enabled the concrete to be placed without fear of the formation of cold joints, and ensured that the concrete remained plastic long enough to be fully compacted. Sika® ViscoCrete® 35RM conforms to the requirements of BS EN 934-2.