Sika® ViscoCrete®-20 RM (GB)

High-Range Water Reducing/Superplasticising Concrete Admixture

Sika® ViscoCrete®-20 RM (GB) is a liquid admixture for concrete which is used as a midrange water reducer/plasticiser. It meets the requirements of BS EN 934-2 HRWRA/Superplasticiser.

  • Mid-range water reductions resulting in higher strengths and densities
  • Efficient at lower dosages
  • Flexible application as both WRA and HRWR
  • Less sensitive to variations in cement and aggregate types
  • Improved cohesion properties
  • Improved early and ultimate strengths
  • Improved rheology
  • Improved durability
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Reduced drying shrinkage
  • Reduced mix costs
* Compared to concrete without admixture