Reliable and durable concrete – the key to any mining project

Sika offers a fully integrated product range when it comes to concrete solutions for mining projects. For decades, Sika has been involved in the largest and most challenging mining projects on the globe. From self-compacting concrete for efficient shaft linings to high strength road slabs, from durable mill foundations to easy pumpable concrete for headframe errection, we offer the products that solve nearly every concrete challenge.

Sika mining

Concrete for all applications

With more than 100 year’s experience in concrete technology, we are in position to support you for every concrete application at your mine.

  • Fast and efficient shaft linings using self-compacting concrete
  • Set retarders for long transportation routes
  • Accelerators for rapid mine development
  • Specialised slick line concrete
  • High strength concrete for foundation slabs, runways and haulage roads
  • Rheology modifiers for easy concrete pumping

Optimise your mix

Optimise the cost performance of the concrete mix by the use of Sika Viscocrete® technology.

Sika is the go-to brand for high range water reducers and slump, keeping admixtures to optimise the properties of your concrete
Tailored solutions for the specific needs in mining

Concrete for remote mining projects

Unique and proven Sika solutions for remote mining projects including products designed for onsite production to facilitate logistics and avoid shelf-life issues.

Powder Shotcrete accelerators for onsite blending
Sika flake technology for onsite production of concrete admixtures
SikaFiber® technology in order to reduce steel reinforcing of concrete structures

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