Speed up cycle times with Sika Shotcrete technology

In cycle, shotcreting is key for rapid mine development and fast cycle times in mines around the globe. We offer fully integrated solutions for wet and dry Shotcrete including our Sigunit® P-10 AF powder accelerator for onsite mixing – a dedicated product for remote mining projects. In addition we offer an integrated range of Shotcrete equipment for all applications.

shotcrete for mining sika

Sika Sigunit® technology – mastering the art of shotcreting

Sika Sigunit® Shotcrete accelerators fortify underground structures for many years, across the globe. Dedicated to delivering high early-strength Shotcrete and adjusting to the specific cements in use, Sika can help speed up your mine cycle times and facilitate the Shotcrete handling significantly.

Onsite support

We are used to working closely with our partners and offer frequent on-site support to bring the Shotcrete mix, handling, application and quality testing to the next level. Sika applicator training takes place frequently to ensure best practise wherever our products are used.

Solving logistical challenges

Unique and proven Sika solutions for remote mining projects include products designed for onsite production to facilitate logistics and avoid shelf-life issues.

  • Powder Shotcrete accelerators for onsite blending
  • Sika flake technology for onsite production of concrete and Shotcrete admixtures
  • SikaFiber® technology in order to optimise the reinforcing demand of concrete structures


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