Admixtures to optimise paste backfill operations

Sika offers a wide range of mine paste backfill admixtures that can be dosed directly into the wetted out mix of the paste plant. The admixtures are based on the proven Sika PCE technology and can have a dramatic effect on the rheological behaviour of the paste. The admixtures act as a high range water reducer and therefore provide the opportunity to significantly reduce the cement consumption of the paste operation. Sika can provide extensive onsite support and supply you with the right paste backfill design.

mining backfill sika

Optimise your mix

Sika applies similar principles used in concrete for mine paste backfill plants worldwide, using our chemical toolbox which has been refined over the past decades. We can help you to achieve the following with your backfill paste:

  • Reduce binder consumption
  • Improve compressive strength
  • Reduce bleeding Facilitate paste pumping
  • Reduce wear and tear of machinery and paste lines
  • Speed up mine and fill cycle time

Customised solutions

Every mine paste is different in terms of its granulometry, the chemical composition and the binder types used. Sika is experienced in analysing the different pastes in order to find the admixtures that will suit your paste best. By doing so, we are able to deliver the competitive edge when it comes to cost reduction and mix optimisation.

Onsite support

With our presence in more than 90 countries we can give you dedicated and efficient onsite support to optimise your paste fill operation. Specialised teams in all regions will give you the support you need to improve the cost performance of the paste backfill mix.

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