Nottingham, United Kingdom

development nearing completion as part of the Nottingham Waterside Regeneration project.

This Eco-friendly development is being constructed for Trent Park Developments to a design by Franklin Ellis Architects. There are 146 luxury apartments and a health and fitness club. Wind turbines will provide electricity to light and heat the communal areas and the River Trent is being utilised as the heat source for the swimming pool.

It is hoped that River Crescent is the first step towards a thriving riverside community that will provide an exceptional living and working environment for residents.

River crescent Sika watertight concrete project

Project Requirements

A watertight solution for an underground car park that meets the requirements of BS8102 to grade 4.

Sika Solutions

Structural Engineers, BWB Consulting have specified Sika Watertight Concrete for all external walls and floors in the underground basement areas of the building, which is being erected adjacent to the River Trent. The close proximity to the river exaggerates the problem of water ingress and the new generation, cost effective Sika Watertight Concrete was preferred over more traditional methods.

Working closely with Sika, Lafarge have supplied nearly 2000 cubic meters of Sika Watertight Concrete to main contractor Clegg Construction.

The Sika Watertight Concrete system involves two admixtures; Sika Viscocrete® superplasticiser which greatly reduces the water cement ratio of the concrete, reducing its permeability whilst increasing strength and durability, and Sika 1+ which blocks the capillary pores within the concrete matrix. The Sika system has a long track record and meets the requirements of BS8102 to grade 4 (depending on section thickness).

The Sikaswell® jointing system was also used in conjunction with this to offer further protection to horizontal and vertical construction joints.