Sika Anchorfix® for efficient installations

The Sika Anchorfix® product line is a well known and respected Sika brand in use in many of the world’s largest infrastructure sites. The Sika Anchorfix® range covers products from a do-it-yourself level to high end professional-use-only. The Anchorfix®-3 series is suited for structural fixations of heavy equipment, machinery and installations such as pipes, ventilation tubes and vans, slick- and paste lines as well as roof-mounted conveyors.

anchoring for tunnel mining Sika

Anchoring resins for all applications

In mines and tunnels, anchoring and fixation of machinery and equipment and support installations is part of daily business. The quality and durability of the anchoring resins is key to provide a safe and well-maintained working environment under and above ground. The Sika anchoring products are safe and easy to apply and available in different sizes for fast and efficient applications.

Proven technology

Chemical resin anchors are a proven technology and offer some distinct advantages compared to purely mechanical anchors:

  • Full resin embedding of the anchor
  • Corrosion protection due to full embedding
  • Improved cost performance
  • No special anchors or bolts needed
  • Higher flexibility in terms of the bolt length
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