Sika has been involved in the production of high quality grouts for many decades

On large mining projects, cementitious or epoxy-based grouts are used on a daily basis for underlainment works, repair and refurbishment jobs and rehabilitation efforts. SikaDur® technology is the go-to brand for epoxy based underlainment grouts to take up dynamic load from machinery and equipment that is prone to constant vibrations. SikaGrout® on the other hand, is the cementitious based counterpart for a very wide range of applications.

Get it done

Grouts and mortars are used for a wide range of mines and large infrastructure projects. Fixing equipment, machinery, steel or concrete structures all require cementitious or epoxy-based grouts and mortars in some way. The grouts can be applied in warm and cold temperature conditions.

Onsite support

With our presence in more than 90 countries, we can give you dedicated and efficient onsite support. Sika operates dozens of grout and mortar plants in all regions to ensure a fast and efficient supply to your job site.

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