Sika Flooring have a proven track record of designing and supplying industry leading quality solutions for the commercial and industrial flooring markets.

This enables us to offer our customers an inclusive range of guarantees - providing our clients with the peace of mind expected from partnering with a market leading manufacturer.

Guaranteed Solutions Backed by Financial Stability

Quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics replicated throughout Sika Limited – visible in our products, our people, our manufacturing processes and our research and development.

Being part of the worldwide Sika Group of companies means that the demand for our products stretches across the globe with subsidiaries in 90 countries around the world and manufactures in over 160 factories. This gives us the advantage of being able to think globally and act locally, and means that we can harness international experience and tailor it for the UK market.

Quality Products Backed by Independent Accreditation

Third party accreditation allows us to provide independent proof that our products and services will meet our customers’ high expectations.

All of Sika Limited’s products have undergone rigorous testing in order to achieve third party accreditations, such as CE marking and ETA (European Technical Approval).

Whole System Compatibility

All Sika Limited’s systems and products have been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility; this means that our guarantee covers all products invoiced by Sika Limited. By choosing a supplier who can offer a complete flooring system, installers and specifiers can be assured of compatibility between each element. One manufacturer’s product may not be compatible with one from another manufacturer. And when you want some expertise, you only have to deal with one technical department not three or maybe four.

Application of SikaScreed HardTop flooring solution

Registered Flooring Installers

When we offer a guarantee, we specify the whole system must be installed by a Sika Limited Registered Contractor. This gives our clients the peace of mind that the installing contractor has been trained to use our products correctly and safely. These projects will also be thoroughly inspected before being signed off for guarantee issue. This is a free of charge service and is a requirement of the guarantee.

Free of Charge Guarantees

There is no charge for any of our guarantees or services.

Summary of Guarantee

We guarantee the Sika Limited systems and products supplied fulfil their function (subject to the Product Data Sheet guidance for the product). In the case of any material defect we shall rectify such defect at our own expense, subject to the limit value.

What does it cover?

  • All materials invoiced by Sika Limited
  • Compatibility of Sika Limited systems and products supplied

Guarantee Requirements

  • Applicator must be registered and trained by Sika Limited
  • All products supplied must have been paid for in full

Duration of Guarantee Cover

5, 10, or 15 year options are available, depending on the specified system