PMMA Flooring

  • With over 100 years experience in high performance technology, Sika are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial PMMA resin flooring solutions.
  • We specialise in an extensive range of PMMA (methacrylate)-based floor coatings and screeds that are designed for use on cementitious substrates as a patching and repair mortar.
  • PMMA resin can produce a wide range of hardnesses and flexibility and offers fantastic levelling properties.
  • Offering the ultimate protection against chemical, mechanical and slip resistance, PMMA- based Sikafloor systems are the ideal preparation for smooth surface finishes for internal or external use


Ideal Applications

Sikafloor® Pronto PMMA flooring solutions are commonly found in;


Advantages of PMMA Flooring

  • Fast and easy application
  • Impervious to liquids but permeable to water vapour
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Thermal expansion properties similar to concrete
  • Excellent bond to hardened concrete
  • Contains no solvents
  • Will not corrode reinforcement steel
Sales room kitchen restaurant showcase with decorative floor and orange shelves with bowls

Providing an impermeable seal protecting the concrete and the ground water from leakage of water and environmental pollutants, this product has excellent resistance to water and oils.

Our resin flooring solutions fulfill UV resistance and resistance to yellowing even with exterior exposure, and they also have multi-colour shades and surface design options available making it perfect for commercial settings.

Sikafloor® Pronto

Our Pronto family is known for it’s high resistance to a wide variety of uses. The super-fast curing time of these synthetics allows for super-quick refurbishments, though proper ventilation is required during installation to avoid inconveniences from odours.

When applied to areas with pedestrian traffic, Sikafloor Pronto surfaces are typically installed in a smooth or light broadcast finish. A coloured-flake broadcast finish can be provided upon request. A heavier broadcast finish is available for applications where there is vehicle ­traffic.